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    amandaIt is great pleasure to welcome you to this website and to share with you the journey that has brought me to this point. My name is Amanda and it is part of my service to present the essences profiled on this site, and to assist people on their personal, and very individual, quests toward enlightenment.

    From a very young age it has been my understanding that I have incarnated to be of service. A conscious prophetic dreamer, and clairsentient (clear knowing), my understanding of time, space, and other realities have taught me that this plane is one we only visit for a (relatively) short time.

    The absolute knowledge of the existence of God, and that the spiritual realm is our home, has been a source of constant comfort to me in my life, no matter how difficult the circumstances have been.

    Reincarnation is also, to me, a fact. Remembrances of other life existences, other than the one I am experiencing now, was not taught to me (my religious background is Christianity), but is one of innate knowledge.

    My work history reflects my mission of service and much of my adult employment was spend nursing becoming a General Trained nurse. Understanding the human body, the anatomy and physiology, and also the psychology of human behavior, has always been of interest to me, and am very grateful for the knowledge that nursing gave me.

    After an injury to my back (and several weeks of constant pain), someone suggested that I have some acupuncture, and after three treatments was able to work again. An interest in addressing issues using alternative means of therapy may well have been ignited at this time.

    Energetic healing through the hands was one of the first things that I learned and put into practice. A Maori healer taught me a form of energetic massage. These things,along with the clairvoyant readings that I did, were some of the early steps along the path.

    A move from Sydney to the blue Mountains, along with a directive to stop nursing, was the beginning of another chapter in my life. Not long after moving I met Wendi Forbes, a wonderful and very conscious being who really was my mentor in learning about and working with vibrational essences. To learn more about this wonderful woman’s work, and the essence products she has brought forward, please visit the website. www.humanifest.com.au

    Everything in the Universe has a pattern, a vibration, resonance, and is ‘alive’, even, and including the very air around us. It’s true too, that we (as human beings) may have very little understanding of what it means when someone asserts that, for example, a rock, or a drop of water, is alive.

    This is an introduction to a website, and not the place for deep, possibly long winded, philosophical writings on what constitutes being ‘alive’! For those of you who are interested in the life of water Masaru Emoto has done ground breaking studies in this field and it would be well worth your while to visit his website, to read his writings, and to see photographs of the water crystals. It is a great demonstration of how water responds to any energy, physical or ethereal, that it is exposed to. Water will take on the pattern of anything that it is exposed to and that is how vibrational imprints are made.

    By now you may be wondering how I know what an essence does or what it’s for. The simple answer is that they (my Spiritual Guides) teach me. How they do that works in several ways, firstly I have dreams about the essence, and about the patterns it addresses. Also things occur in my physical reality that relate to the actions of the essence.

    Interestingly, on several occasions, I have had dreams teaching me about an essence long before the direction has been given to me to make the essence up! Life is interesting but it is sometimes not very comfortable!

    It is with great gratitude to spirit and with heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped me in bringing this website into being. Also to my family and to all the people who have offered their friendship, and who have been the means of teaching me whatever I have needed to learn, thank you!

    Finally – To all of you patient people who have taken the time to read this, and who are interested in viewing more of the site, thank you and enjoy! – Amanda


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