Vibrational Essences

by Vikram Mandaer
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More and More vibrational essences are being used by people to assist them along the path and to help address patterns and issues of body, mind, and spirit that arise along the way.

Essences can be made from anything, and although most people are aware of flower essences due to the ground breaking work of Dr Edward Bach (physician and vibrational essence pioneer whose Bech Flower Remedies are still available today) early in the 20th century , since that time essences made from the physical and metaphysical worlds have multiplied.

But what is an essence , you may ask. An essence is a communication of unity via the medium of water which holds the vibrational imprint of the frequency, or pattern, that it has been exposed to. The initial tincture, commonly know as the Mother tincture, is then set in alcohol to prevent bacterial contamination of the essence.

Now, in the 21st century, the scope and range of vibrational essence that are available is phenomenal. Name an issue and there will be an essence to address the issue available somewhere! Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people make essences today and many do so as a form of conscious spiritual practice, for to make an essence is to be in conscious connection and acknowledgement of unity.

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