• Testimonials

    ” I was introduced to Amanda’s essences by a friend and took them not knowing quite what to expect.

    I’ve taken many essences in the past, dutifully, not noticing an impact. After a week I was very aware that these essences were different. I was dreaming, Vividly, Haven’t been able to remember my dreams in years. I have kept on taking the essences and have found them to be very supportive as I step through the changes in my life.”

    ” My story is somewhat bittersweet. I finally found the love of my life in my mid-thirties. A generous, fiercely intelligent, but extremely broken man: He drank. Eventually the alcohol killed him, but not before he made decisions that I’m still addressing. When he died I was left with a legacy of love and grief that was overwhelming. Every month of the year on the day we were married he had always wished me a happy anniversary, and I continued this. I longed for what might have been even though I knew it never would be. I was angry for a very long time.

    I was fifty-one when he died, and eventually I realized it was time to move forward. Onward,
    as in not being stuck where I was, Mandy was there for me, not only with love and support, but with her wonderful essences. The Divine Timing essence that she gave me has allowed me to take a step back from my grief and to understand that he was here for as long as he chose to be. My anger is almost gone. It isn’t an issue now. Strange as this will sound it is a good sign but I forgot the fourth anniversary of his death. I did feel a little shocked and disconcerted when I realized it, but he’s in my memory. I will always love him, and I thank him for the lessons I learned.I feel lighter. My grief has reached its natural balance point, one where there is memory and joy as well as sorrow. I am able to see a future without him now,
    and for this I thank Mandy. “

    ” During the past 5 years I have been using essences from Amanda. They have been excellent in assisting and supporting me during a very difficult period in my life. They have given me the ability to deal with my anxiety, stress, and depression around the problems. I have been facing. They also have been extremely helpful in breaking old patterns that were blocking my spiritual development. I highly recommend Feather Essences to those facing difficulties in their life or to those wishing to make changes. “