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  • Archangel Michael Essence

    Archangel Michael Essence will bring all of ones fears (which are internal cords that bind us!) to the surface to be dealt with.
    Helps with detachment when there are difficult/hurtful relationships involving family or other groups of people.
    Enables clear personal boundaries and allows one not to get caught up in whatever group dynamic is most prevalent.
    This is an essence which will help to attune and enhance your intuitive faculties.
    Very helpful as an aid to personal growth, and as a support to those on a conscious spiritual pathway.

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  • Cleansing (Anti – inflammatory Mix)

    Comprising Essences of – Diamond, Gold, Divine Mercy, Sandstone, Milk Thistle, Peridot, and Light Pearl.

    This essence mix would be suitable for anyone who has inflammation issues in their body. Some examples include – Arthritis, Gout, or any physical condition ending in the letters ‘itis’, eg Hepatitis (liver inflammation).

    Please let your health practitioner know you are taking essences if you have a chronic condition and are on any prescription medications.

    Most of the mix comprises of detoxifying elements and there are some softening elements in the mix also.

    The mix would be suitable for people on a body cleansing regimen. If you are doing a body detox please remember to drink plenty of water to flush out your system as you go.

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  • Crystal Opal

    The essence has profound action on the crystalline Mandala structures of the body.
    Opalised quartz essence, when taken with intention, will respond to the intention and its action will vary accordingly.

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  • Diamond Essence

    Diamond essence radiates, that is its primary action.
    It also increases the action of other essences.
    Placing Diamond into an essence mix first and then adding other essences means that each essence maintains their integrity and individual action within the combination.
    Note: Not recommended for anyone with intrusions in their body. Those people who have foreign objects in their bodies (dental fillings, metal pins and plates, pacemakers, etcetera), and don’t truly accept them as being part of who they are, the diamond essence may extrude these objects.

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  • Divine Inspiration Combination

    Comprising Essences of – Diamond, Gold, Red Rose, Archangel Michael, Divine Mercy, Divine Timing.

    For those involved in Conscious Spiritual practice and for anyone else who is aware that they have unresolved issues in any of the following areas:

    • Sense of Identity
    • Perfection
    • Forgiveness – of self or others
    • Fear – internal or external
    • Repetitive negative patterns learned through past experiences
    • Negative thought patterns and emotional responses
    • Problems with letting go and letting God
    • Difficulty with staying Present in the Now
    • Issues dealing with Time as we understand it

    Divine inspiration essence can be used as a support to anyone who is conscious of a need to address any issues that require clearing.

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  • Divine Mercy Essence

    Mercy is primarily a cleanser that operates on every level of the being.
    All old issues that are lodged within will come to the surface to be cleansed.
    Enables healthy neural pathways to be established in the brain.
    Has been found to be helpful in moving viruses out of the system quickly.
    Will aid in removing toxins from the body, mind, and spirit.

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  • Divine Timing Essence

    Has been called Divine Opportunity
    This essence resonates strongly with the number 3.
    Is an aid to being ‘Present’ in the ‘Now’
    Any concerns over issues where thoughts, emotions, and physical responses regarding time are factors, are addressed on all levels.
    Children who are frustrated by living in this time where ‘instant’ gratification is demanded by the majority will benefit greatly from this essence.

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  • Five Elements Combination

    The 5 elements comprise of the 4 earthly elements – Air, Fire, Earth, & Water, plus the element of ether, or Spirit.
    The 5 elements combination would be suitable for use as a support mechanism in daily Spiritual practice for people who consciously honour the Earth and its elements and Unity with Spirit in their daily lives.

    It may also be helpful to people who feel out of balance within themselves as a means to help them to attain balance in all areas of their being.
    In true balance is the means to attain Mastery

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  • Gold Essence

    Gold as an element relates to one’s sense of identity and place in the world.
    Energetically the Gold essence opens and balances the Heart Chakra.
    Gold also calms inflammation.
    Gold is the greatest energy conductor known to man.

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  • Green Quartz

    Allowing the optimal level of light into the Heart Chakra, this essence may be helpful wherever there is physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma.
    Green quartz is an excellent companion essence to Tangerine quartz.

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  • Lilac Essence

    Lilac essence relates to alignment on all levels.
    Physically it has particular relevance to the spine, and spinal column.
    It also aligns all of the subtle bodies.
    Helpful in all stressful times for its aspect of ‘Loving Acceptance’.
    This essence works equally well on its own or in combination with other remedies.

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  • Lily of the Valley

    Lily of the Valley – Trust
    Trust – In ourselves – In others – in God
    For anyone who has issues in regard to trust in the processes of life, in themselves, in their experiences in regard to others or of the world in general. Lily of the Valley will help to have trust in the processes of life.
    “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, thy rod and thy staff comfort me…”

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