Red Rose Essence

The gift this essence brings is one of grace, compassion, and humility when one is accused without cause.
To respond not from a place of anger or fear but from the mind and heart.
Forgive us Father we know not what we do.
The ability to forgive others of perceived transgressions is contained within this essence.
The sweetness of the perfume nourishes the spirit.
Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene are both closely allied with this essence.

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Essence Description

The rose used for the essence was the first of the season. From the very old rose bush (in the small front garden where I lived), it produces an abundance of long stemmed, highly perfumed blooms. From a deep red bud, the rose opens to a large blossom with many petals (40-50). As the rose matures colours of rich crimson are evident.
During the making of the essence my memory resonated with a profound dream that was gifted to me during the late 1990’s.

Was kneeling before Mother Mary, the Christ’s birth mother, who held in her right hand a dark red rose,gazing at me with love and compassion, Mother Mary divided the rose into two perfect identical blooms. Although no words were exchanged it was made clear to me by Mother Mary that she was asking me to do the same.
Mother Mary was unjustly accused, and even today many people do not believe her innocent of the slanderous allegations which have echoed through the centuries.

The other important Mary in Lord Jesus life, Mary Magdalene, has also been the subject of slanderous abuse throughout the centuries.

I had this dream some years before learning about, and studying, essence making, and so the meaning of the dream at the time was unclear.

A recurring theme in dreams in the lead up to the making of the Rose essence was clear. To be unjustly accused by authority figures. The sub-text of these dream experiences is that the accused will not be believed innocent due to the general populace’s confidence in the accuser. The dream response is anger, frustration, and sadness.

In waking reality I was accused of not informing a government agency about a change in my work status. This allegation was false, the initial mistake was made by an employee who did not follow up on the information give to them by me.

Felt very emotional during the making of the essence. Tears were shed for all those who suffer unjustly from authority figures who abuse their power (even inadvertantly). Curiously anger was not an emotion that was present. After completing the essence I was pricked by the thorn (which drew blood) from a rose named “New Dawn”, symbolic of the freedom which comes from release after a painful time.

Red Rose essence facilitates true forgiveness of others, and of self, from the Heart. Innocence or guilt has no true relevance when you experience the freedom of release, and peace, that comes with the act of forgiveness. Forgiveness is an act of Mercy. Red Rose essence is a natural companion essence to Divine Mercy.