Flower Essences

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  • Lilac Essence

    Lilac essence relates to alignment on all levels.
    Physically it has particular relevance to the spine, and spinal column.
    It also aligns all of the subtle bodies.
    Helpful in all stressful times for its aspect of ‘Loving Acceptance’.
    This essence works equally well on its own or in combination with other remedies.

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  • Lily of the Valley

    Lily of the Valley – Trust
    Trust – In ourselves – In others – in God
    For anyone who has issues in regard to trust in the processes of life, in themselves, in their experiences in regard to others or of the world in general. Lily of the Valley will help to have trust in the processes of life.
    “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, thy rod and thy staff comfort me…”

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  • Red Rose Essence

    The gift this essence brings is one of grace, compassion, and humility when one is accused without cause.
    To respond not from a place of anger or fear but from the mind and heart.
    Forgive us Father we know not what we do.
    The ability to forgive others of perceived transgressions is contained within this essence.
    The sweetness of the perfume nourishes the spirit.
    Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene are both closely allied with this essence.

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  • Waratah Essence

    There is a strong link with the Angels and Earth elementals, a ‘messenger’ aspect.
    Gives courage and strength to stand and be a tall poppy
    During difficult times it will help to keep you earthed and grounded, to have the Faith that all will be well.
    Waratah also strengthens and balances the base chakra.

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