Mineral Essences

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  • Crystal Opal

    The essence has profound action on the crystalline Mandala structures of the body.
    Opalised quartz essence, when taken with intention, will respond to the intention and its action will vary accordingly.

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  • Diamond Essence

    Diamond essence radiates, that is its primary action.
    It also increases the action of other essences.
    Placing Diamond into an essence mix first and then adding other essences means that each essence maintains their integrity and individual action within the combination.
    Note: Not recommended for anyone with intrusions in their body. Those people who have foreign objects in their bodies (dental fillings, metal pins and plates, pacemakers, etcetera), and don’t truly accept them as being part of who they are, the diamond essence may extrude these objects.

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  • Gold Essence

    Gold as an element relates to one’s sense of identity and place in the world.
    Energetically the Gold essence opens and balances the Heart Chakra.
    Gold also calms inflammation.
    Gold is the greatest energy conductor known to man.

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  • Green Quartz

    Allowing the optimal level of light into the Heart Chakra, this essence may be helpful wherever there is physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma.
    Green quartz is an excellent companion essence to Tangerine quartz.

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  • Noble Shungite Essence

    Noble Shungite may be beneficial to anyone suffering from such conditions as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or any condition where emotional response is impeded, or in any way distorted, due to damage from severe shock, grief, or any other serious emotional trauma.
    “To knit, and to make whole again, that which has been torn apart.”

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  • Obsidian Essence

    Obsidian essence may be helpful to people who feel they cannot face, and deal with, very difficult, painful, or traumatic, situations in their lives.
    For issues so overwhelmingly large, that one wishes to ignore them, as they seem insurmountable. Obsidian will break the issue into smaller pieces and shine ‘light’ onto each portion, allowing the individual to view the situation with clarity and to feel invisibly supported.

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  • Tangerine Quartz

    This essence aids in finishing things without allowing the thought of logical consequences to impede the process.
    When you are aware that something needs to be concluded, tangerine quartz will give you the impetus to instigate the action, overriding the fear of the logical consequences.

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