• Pricing

    Retail Price

    Preferred Customer

    $40 (30 ml) $35 (30 ml)
    $60 (50 ml) $50 (50 ml)
    • Retail Price : Individual bottles can be ordered.
    • Preferred Customer : Preferred Customers will be those people that order essences twice within 6
      months and they will keep their preferred customer status forever. Individual bottles can be ordered.


    • Postage and Handling not included.
    • Payments to be received in full prior to order being dispatched
    • All payments are to be made in Australian dollars – AUD.
    • You can buy directly on our website and pay online
      Or alternatively you can make a direct bank transfer to :
      BSB: 082 678
      Account Number: 17 656 5777
      Please send confirmation of payment to: feather.essences@gmail.com
    • Practitioners please contact Amanda for further information.

    Important Note:

    Please be aware that in order to clear any issue the issue will come to the surface in your dreams, your personal reality, or both. For anything to be cleared it must first be faced, accepted, and acknowledged. Everyone has a shadow side, wherever there is Light, there are shadows!

    When people are consciously working on making major changes in their lives it is often very helpful and supportive to have professional counselling, or some other form of supportive therapy, to assist in processing any physical or emotional issues that may arise during the process.