• About Us – The Circle of Friends


    When you start up any enterprise and think about what goes into almost any new venture you realize how much help you have from many different people who serve to assist you in various ways.

    To honour the people who have been instrumental in bringing Feather Essences to a new level personally or professionally, I wish to acknowledge them all, and their invaluable contributions, on this page.

    • Ben Blinman : Who managed to bring into reality my vision of the feather essences logo.
      For graphic design – thinq blinq!
    • Barbara Callan : Friend and wonderful professional clairvoyant.
      Email : bee.callan8@gmail.com, Skype : barbara.callan
    • Norah Lynn Copithorne : Aries initiator extraordinaire! Business consultant and strategic planner, thank you, new old friend!
      Email : copithorne.97@gmail.com
    • Wendi Forbes : Humanifest founder and maker of Heart Oil, Peace Oil, teacher, and friend.
    • Emma Hamblin : Photographer with unerring eye, thank you! Awaiting Emmas’ website details.
    • Aman Mandaer : It’s thanks to Aman and his team at EvoMorf that there is a website! Great job.
    • Sonia Ortega : Wonderful businesswoman, lovely new friend! Involved in two great businesses.
    • Christine Taylor: Intuitive Publicist, supportive friend, thank you!
    • Catherine Wilkins : Energy mover, Leo to a tee, Fractology founder.