Offered in gratitude to the Creator whose threads of creation link us all.

About Feather Essences


It is a great pleasure to welcome you to this site and to share with you the journey that has brought me to this point. My name is Amanda and it is part of my service to present the essences profiled on this site, and to assist people on their personal, and very individual, quests toward enlightenment.

From a very young age it has been my understanding that I have incarnated to be of service. A conscious prophetic dreamer, and clairsentient (clear knowing), my understanding of time, space, and other realities have taught me that this plane is one we only visit for a (relatively) short time.

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What are Feather Essences?

Feather Essences are a range of animal, vegetable,
mineral, and mandala essences. These various
vibrational imprints address different patterns of
the whole person using the frequency of the
substance used in the creation of the essence.


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